24 Ways Fitness Review – Healthy Habits for Weight Loss

24 Ways Fitness Has Deceived You teaches people healthy habits that benefit their physical health. It teaches people how eating right and exercising on a regular basis can help them step aside excess weight gain and maintain a healthy body weight.

Clarifies common weight loss myths

Fady Mansi has recently created a health and fitness program named “24 Ways Fitness Has Deceived You” which helps clarify common weight loss myths and misconceptions. This program resolves myths like carbs makes people put on weight, starving is the best way to shed off unwanted body weight, all weight loss supplements are safe to use, foods which are labeled low fat are always a healthy choice, cutting out all snacks can help people cast off weight and a lot more. This e-book brings people the best ways to ease muscle soreness so they can get back to doing the things they love. When people usually crush a hard workout, they are rewarded with inflexible, rigid, sore muscles. This distressing feeling is called delayed onset muscle soreness which is a common side effect of the muscle rebuilding process. Symptoms include inflexibility, rigidity, weakness, stiffness and sensitivity to touch. This ache and uneasiness normally begins to drop in within 12 to 24 hours after a workout, peaks after 24 to 72 hours and usually vanishes within a couple of days. 24 Ways Fitness Has Deceived You claims to scale down the chance of the same workout making people sore again for weeks. This eBook contains some steps people can take to help ease soreness and be kind to their body along the way.

Get carbs back in your life

Carbs can help people shed off their excess belly fat faster than other foods even when the same number of calories is being consumed. Moreover, this program teaches people a number of different lessons that people will wish they had known when they started their weight loss journey. However, by finding out the right way to filter through all of the lies people have heard before, they are able to create an effective plan for the future regardless of their age. 24 Ways Fitness Has Deceived You teaches people a number of healthy habits that benefit their physical, mental and emotional health. These habits help improve a person’s overall well-being and make them feel healthy.

Eating right helps maintain a healthy weight

This program teaches people how eating right and exercising on a regular basis can help them step aside excess weight gain and maintain a healthy body weight. Being physically active is essential to reaching a person’s weight loss goals. Even if they are not trying to unload unwanted body weight, regular physical activity can boost their immune system, improve their cardiovascular health and increase their energy levels. Exercises improve muscle strength and boost endurance, giving people more energy. Exercises deliver oxygen and nutriments to a person’s tissues and get their cardiovascular system working without difficulty so that they have more energy to go about their daily activities. In addition, it also helps boost energy by promoting better sleep. Eating a healthy diet can help control weight. When people eat a balanced diet, their body receives the fuel it needs to manage their energy level. Further, in this book, people will learn how to make small and large adjustments to their lifestyle for maximum weight loss. By making these adjustments, people will be able to boost their chances of a longer life. Unhealthy lifestyle and habits are quite difficult to get rid of but once people adopt a healthier lifestyle, they would not regret making this decision as it helps scale down the risk of a number of diseases, improve the physical appearance and give a person’s energy level a much needed boost.

Sidestep weight loss supplements

24 Ways Fitness Has Deceived You teaches people to avoid weight loss supplements by not listening to the sales representative at the register. According to the creator, the makers of these fat loss supplementations make false claims about the benefits of their fat burners; however, there is not much proof or confirmation to back up those claims. Mostly, there is not enough reliable information or proof to rate the potency of common fat burners. If people think that the FDA strictly checks the safety of over-the-counter dietary supplementations before they strike the market, they are mistaken. Fat loss pills and weight loss aids do not fall under the same regulatory standards as prescription medicaments. A manufacturer only needs to show narrow evidence of efficaciousness and potency. Once the pill goes on sale then the FDA can monitor its safety and issue bans or recalls of products that turn out to be troubling and unsafe. Also, the FDA warns there is a potential occurrence of liver failure if people happen to take these pills. Additionally, the program is available at a price of $27.00. As soon as the charge is cleared on customer’s credit or debit card, they are straight off given full accession to the online information. The program comes with a 60 day full money back refund policy which has greatly placed the interest of buyers. If in case customers are not satisfied with the results this fitness program delivers, they can ask for a full refund of their money. The customer service team is always available to speak with their customers. Customers can email their queries to them to get an answer.


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