5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles

Due to our hectic lifestyles we all end up getting dark circles and at some point when you look into a mirror that makes you feel pretty bad about it. In this article you are going to learn how to get rid of dark circles but first of all you are going to get to the source of appearance.

If you have been gifted with fair skin in your gene and if you won’t sleep well and when the blood flows slowly because of it that would become of the reason for dark circles. The next thing which causes it is Age as you grow old with time your skin will start breaking down collagen which would make you skin thinner.

Sometimes it might happen because of some allergy when you feel that part of the area a bit swell. You can check the cause of it by stretching the part of skin under your eyes. If your skin becomes dark then it might be happening because of your age or genetics and if the color stays the same ultra violet rays or some allergy might be the cause.

If you think the appearance has been happening due to some allergy you should get a counter medicine for that or consult to a doctor. But if you think it’s because of your age or gene then you can try the ways explained below.

  1. Find a fresh cucumber and cut it into slices then put them into your refrigerator for half an hour. After that lie down and put a slice of it on both of your eyes for 15 minutes after that you can wash yourself with cold water.
  2. Use pure Rose water to dip cotton and then try to put it over your closed eyes for about 10 minutes.
  3. Put 2 used tea bags into your fridge for almost 30 minutes make sure they are not ripped from anywhere or else you will get tea into your eyes. After that put one on each of your eyes and leave them there for 10-15 minutes. Once done wash your face.
  4. Make a paste of organic pineapple juice with a spoon of turmeric to make a paste and apply it on your dark circles. Make sure you won’t put the paste inside your eyes, After 8 minutes wash your eyes with cold water.
  5. Put organic Almond Oil to the area and massage for few seconds before going to bed and wash your eyes with cold water once you will wake up.

Try to sleep at least 7-8 hours daily, add exercise to your schedule and eat healthy. Also do not rub your eyes much as it would get dark circles to darker ones. If you will do all the above you would see a change for sure and the best part of it that you are not using anything which can be unhealthy for your eyes.

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