Abs After 40 Review – Get Yourself Back in Shape?

Are you a man who is 40 years old or above? Do you have problem with your body shape? Some people suggest Abs after 40 as good answer. It is a 3-month fitness training program controlling a 3-phase system that designed to help people to achieve a healthy body, as well as a lean core and nice abdominal muscles. The target is mainly toward men over 40 years of age. The energy levels and testosterone will be boosted to gain the goal. This program was created by a 53-year-old man, Mark Mcilyar. He looks good on his age. He managed to transform his look in just 3 years.

According to Mark, when a man gets older, it can be hard to follow the exercise routines. In result, many older men are in appalling shape. The Abs After 40 program is trusted can solve this issue. Mark wants to help men get six-pack abs at their old age. He said that fixing a deteriorating hormone system can help achieving good body. By repairing the hormones, the body can be leaner and more muscular again.

The program contains primary movements, transformation routines, and light weight lifting. These steps will help man stay active and fit. It includes a plan that is dedicated to lengthen and strengthen the core muscles. The exercises include movements that should be done every day to raise energy, tone the body, balance the hormones, decrease an amount of weight and improve flexibility.

On the product website, you can find that the program costs $97. After paying, you get an access and three bonuses: 2-week trial for Nutritional System, DVD set plus instant online access, and e-book. You can watch videos that show you how to make tasty foods each week. The videos of Abs after 40 can be watched anywhere.

There are 3 phases. The first phase is fat loss jumpstart, the second phase is male hormone optimization, and the third phase is fat burning mode. Mark ensured that the moves are applicable for older men. There is advice about doing the proper moves to avoid injury in older men.

At the first phase, you will use the specific training techniques to help cutting the belly fat. This part helps you avoid too much belly fat. You will concentrate on losing as much fat as you can without putting yourself in hurt’s way, doing extreme workouts, or starving yourself. Mark claimed that this part also can be used by someone who is never exercised or dieted before.

At the second phase, the compound movements will help optimizing the testosterone. You will increase your workout power and add compound exercises that involve more than a muscle group. The compound movements are created to be low-impact.

At the third phase, belly fat is gone and hormones are optimized. After you can decrease weight and get flatter stomach, you should focus on keeping the results. The program will maintain your results.

The 12 highlights of the program are:

  1. 1st week: Preparing the food choices
  2. 2nd week: Learning method of grill-and-go
  3. 3rd week: Learning to be leader of grab-and-go snack.
  4. 4th week: preparing zero carbohydrate chicken tacos.
  5. 5th week: Getting delicious food to support weight loss
  6. 6th week: Eat more dietary fats to pack more lean mass.
  7. 7th week: Boosting food for six-pack stomach.
  8. 8th week: Generating body to produce testosterone.
  9. 9th week: Supporting quick weight loss.
  10. 10th week: Staying on way with weight loss target.
  11. 11th week: Balancing the social life with weight loss.
  12. 12th week: Having supplement.

The plus points of this program:

  1. It is designed for older guys. The accumulation of belly fat often declines This program will help a man burns fat in the right way. The burning will be more efficient.
  2. The creator knows how fragile the 40-year-old body is. He wants to decrease the possibility of injury.
  3. It is a natural way to increase the production of This means that this program is risk-free. You do not need to worry about the unsafe side effects.
  4. It is set with some nutrition advice. The nutrition and working out must be balance.
  5. You can download the videos of this program immediately. You can also print out the manuals so you can start immediately.
  6. This program emphasizes on natural building of testosterone with a healthy diet. This program offers 60-day money back guarantee. This means that if you are not satisfied with the results, you can ask the

The minus points of this program:

  1. This program is not designed for everyone. Women will not get this program is beneficial, because it was created for older men.
  2. It requires effort and time before you can get the dreamed
  3. The program is available online.  You will not find it in the mail.

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