Three Delicious Detox Water Recipes For Rapid Fat Loss

Now a days most of us eat food that contains grease and that can cause us to grow fat into our bodies,  People who do regular workout could get an advantage over the ones who do not have any time to go to gym. But all of us want to look fit and slim so in recent times Detox Water become one of the most amazing thing to use for rapid weight loss and the best part about it is that it does not contain any harmful chemicals. You can make it using fruits and some veggies, There are literally 100s of recipe’s which you can find everywhere but below you can find three most effective, Detox Water recipes which can help you reduce your fat and detox yourself.

Three Delicious Detox Water Recipes For Rapid Fat Loss

  1. Apple Cinnamon Detox Water

This is one of the most popular recipes and it does work. All you need is one Red Apple and a Cinnamon Stick, Do not use powdered one as that would bring a very different taste. You have to cut the apply into 4 pieces and remove the deeds, Now put that at the bottom of the Pitcher then put some cinnamon stick on it now fill that with water. Now you will have to put it inside the fridge for one hour to get it infused. Once it ll be ready you can use this as your regular drinking water. You can put it into a bottle and take it to your work. This will also make you feel fresh with a sip and you are going to enjoy the amazing flavor.  Once you will be out of water you can refill the pitcher and let it infuse to use it again, it can be done 2-3 times before it will start losing flavor.

  1. Lemon Cucumber Detox WaterThree Delicious Detox Water Recipes For Rapid Fat Loss

This is one of the recipes you would find on a poster stick to your gym walls. As this is one of the simplest detox water. All you need is one cucumber, lemon and few leaves of mint. You have to cut a cucumber and put it on the bottom of the pitcher. Now put the juice of half of a lemon inside it and add few mint leaves to it. Let it rinse for 5 minutes then you can enjoy this amazingly fresh detox water. It would help you burn your fat as well as to cleanse your skin.

  1. Melon Detox WaterThree Delicious Detox Water Recipes For Rapid Fat Loss

We all love a piece of water melon on a hot day of summer. Its juicy flavor could be one of the reason you enjoy summer and it is an amazing antioxidant as well. What If I tell you that you can use this amazing fruit to create detox water? All you need I a Pitcher in which you will have to full cubes of a water melon and then fill it with ice cold water. Just wait for about 20 minutes give it a nice stir and put some cubes into your glass and then fill it up with the water to enjoy.

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