How to Check your Whey Protein Powder is Good enough or Not?

Most of the people who are trying to gain weight, muscles or the ones who are into weight training need to have a good protein powder for better results as post workout meal. But in past few years there are hundreds of companies started selling proteins and sometimes when you need a box of it, your mom buys something which you have never used before or you may buy it by yourself trying something new and see if you are going to get better results. In this article we are going to share some techniques how you can check the quality of your protein powder and if it is going to make a difference or not. Because it is very important to know if they are actually putting a whey protein inside the box or it is just a protein taken out of milk or eggs. As whey protein is the one which would really help your muscles to grow.

The first thing that would help you checks the quality of your protein is if you can get it mixed with the water, juice or milk. If the quality of the protein is not good no matter how hard you try. This is one of the sign that this is not a good whey protein as a good one would dissolve very well with the drink of your choice.

The second thing you would notice that it would be sticky once you will drink it you will feel stickiness in your teeth that is another sign this is not actually a whey protein. The third thing is that you are going to get trouble in your stomach. Once you will start drinking it, you are going to get diarrhea as your stomach could not process it because of the low quality.

Fourth thing you are going to nice is that it must be thick like a cheap milk or egg protein, it ll be hard for your stomach to process. You would also find soy or collagen in the ingredients list but it should not be in the box of a protein as you can use collagen on your skin or hair but it’s not something that should be added to a protein powder. Always do a good amount of research before spending your precious earned money and try to buy a protein that has been recommended by many great athletes as that would bring great changes to yourself.


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