Isometrics Strength Review – A Unique Method of Strength Training

During last decade body building has become very popular, many people have started working out after getting inspired by actors. When anyone talks about body building the first thing that came into our mind are heavy weights as if you have been working out for a while, most of us have  seen a weight lifting championship once in our lifetime or training of those individual’s, they always life very heavy weights in order to have a leaner and stronger body. But now science has taken an enormous turn with this amazing program called Isometrics Strength. In this program you are going to learn how to get a leaner and stronger body just by using strength training which means all you have to do is to life your own weight. That means you don’t have to buy any gym subscriptions anymore. Isometrics Strength is going to teach you 3 strength training workouts to strengthen your entire body.

With this program you can build rock solid muscles and extend your strength up to 54%. The creator of this amazing program is Todd Kuslikis. He explains how a research done in Paris, France reveals some breakthrough facts about your body. That you don’t need to spend hours at gym and lift heavy weighs in order to get in shape but just the ability to life your own weight could make you someone you have never been. They have found some isometric exercises that would help you achieve all of it. This program also claims to get you a massive but toned look just as you desire.

Isometrics Strength

After researching for quite a while the Author has found 3 isometrics which would help you develop lean muscles using strength training and it’s called “Tri-Isometric Method“. It would help you build muscle, burn fat and increase your overall strength.

First Secret of Isometrics Strength: Static Contraction

In this exercise you don’t have to push or move anything, all you have to do is to squeeze your muscles. You can do these exercises anywhere. If you flex your bicep’s it would be Static Contraction and these type of workouts can be done anytime anywhere without anything.

Second Secret of Isometrics Strength: Yielding Contraction

This type of contraction is different from the first one because this would activate more than one muscle at a time. When you are going to do that, it would help you get better results. For example when we are doing a push up we are actually working on more than one muscle.

When you are doing Yielding Contraction’s your muscles gets activated and would help you do more of it without getting your tired very fast.

Third Secret of Isometrics Strength: Overcoming Contraction

This one is the most powerful of all 3. Overcoming Contraction can be done by pushing yourself against something which won’t move at all. As an example if you are going to push a wall it’s not going to move no matter how much strength you are going to put.

What You Are Going to Get with Isometrics Strength Program?

You are going to get 4 things with the main program. 1st one would be the main program guide. It’s a 50 page eBook in which you are going to learn how to strengthen your muscle and how you have to control your breathing while doing those workouts. The second one is about Workout Plans and Exercise Descriptions this one is going to teach you about isometric workouts and how it can help get rid of it and build your muscles. A complete workout program, that only has to be followed 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes. Log Sheets you can keep track of your workout with these so you will have an idea if you are getting better every day. Fourth one would allow you to have 14 days trail access to Bodyweight Physique Academy where you can have access to video library consist of workout videos, interviews and much more. You have to cancel this trail before 14 days or else you are going to be charged $47/month.  You are also going to get bonus material worth more than $40. Also it does come up with 60 days money back guarantee so if you get any results with it you can simply ask for a refund.

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