Pokémon GO – Can It Be Dangerous for Your Health?

Since the launch of Pokémon GO which happened last month, People has gone crazy over the it all around the world. Whether you talk about United States, Canada, UK or Australia everywhere people are playing it in huge amount. This app has been called healthy because people actually have to go out and walk around which would change the way they used to play games by sitting on the couch. But some people also has gone through unfortunate events while playing the game.

As people has to walk from one place to another they surely will lose excessive fat inside their bodies because this could be a healthy activity for them but many of them has been robbed by luring them to places. Some people has also gone through car accidents while looking for a Pokémon while driving. Even 2 friends had stumbled upon a dead body while trying to catch some, As people are visiting places which were not usually visited by anyone that could unveils some mysteries with time.

France Minister of Health also issues a warning on twitter, Telling people to go out play the same but they should be careful in order to avoid any accidents.

In order to play this game you have to walk around in real locations to find a catch different Pokémon’s. The app uses GPS as well as your camera in order to tell you what is present around you. Most of the early reviews of the app has praised how this app could increase physical activity in people lives. But sometimes it takes people to places like clubs and cemeteries some of these places can be very dangerous as two men were fell off into ocean while playing the game in San Diego.

Many warnings has been issues by Government Officials and Organizations of different countries to stay alert and focused while playing the game. Some even suggest playing it during sunlight and by stay in public areas in order to avoid any mishap.

Overall Pokémon GO could be a healthy app if you will take the cautions, Do not go to dangerous areas and try playing it with a group of friends at day times. Because if you are going to play it alone in the dark you cannot imagine what would be waiting for you.

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