Super Sprowtz – A Way to Improve Your Child’s Health?

Vegetables are very important for our children growth. They contain several vital substances that needed by children. If you have children, you should ensure that they get enough nutrition. But, most of children do not like eating vegetables. This can be a problem for a mom. Super Sprowtz is trusted can help you to solve this problem. This company helps you to make sure that your children consume adequate dose of vegetables on regular basis. Many moms realize that their children are attracted to consume vegetable after learning from Super Sprowtz products.

It is a difficult challenge to make a group of children to eat healthily on a regular basis. Establishing healthy habits can be harder when they get older. You need to start teaching a positive attitude about eating vegetables and fruits as early as possible. This company has several products to help you, like plush puppet, interactive DVD, informative book, eye chart exam, salad bar, etc. This company creates salad bar at several schools and other public venues.  You can find a lot of merchandise aimed to advertise the weight of taking healthy options.

Super Sprowtz has good aims. It uses media to make your children understand about the nutrition so they can have a healthy lifestyle from young age. The information is presented in an interesting and understandable way to a child. This company shows you the significance of the right foods for body development while making a journey with great experience for the whole family. This company helps many families with the applications for phone, live shows, school cafeterias, the grocery store and museum exhibits.

The creators of Super Sprowtz made several characters to emphasize some important vegetables that should be eaten on a regular basis. The characters of Super Sprowtz are:

Brian Broccoli. Brian Broccoli is a Super Strength. Brian Broccoli acts as the team captain. He always supports every member of the team in a mission to stop pollution all over the place. He has a confident personality, but he is softie at heart. Usually, he works out with Suzy Sweetpea and Sammy Spinach on the regular basis.

Suzy Sweetpea. Suzy Sweetpea is a Super Speedy.  She is extremely eager and fast. She is frequently tripping over herself, but that does not disturb her. She is the youngest member of the Super Sprowtz team.

Sammy Spinach. Sammy Spinach is Super Stretchy. He is famous for his flexible yoga skill. His is temper character. He is also wise. He likes achieving the optimum level of sleep. He loves to be volunteer by rescuing cats. His best friend is Zach Zucchini. Both of them value the power of sunlight.

Colby Carrot. Colby Carrot is a Super Sight. He is extremely outgoing and observant. He is also intelligent. He is always available to help others. Suzy Sweetpea is his best friend. He likes to hold a stand-up comedy.

Erica Eggplant. Erica Eggplant is Super Smart. She is the smartest character you will meet from the team. She is a teacher. She has a great memory. Her memory can allow her to learn 18 languages. Sammy Spinach is her best friend in. Both of them like to play Sudoku.

Zach Zucchini. Zach Zucchini is a Super Swimmer. He is the most relaxed member.  He is famous for his swimming and surfing skills. He is friends to anyone who cares about swimming. He always ensures that he has enough water.

Miki Mushroom. Miki Mushroom is Super Soothing. She is showed as a character that acts maternally to other people. She is calm and sweet. Her best friend is Erica Eggplant. She likes learning geography.

Todd Tomato. Todd Tomato is a Super Safe. He always keeps his personal hygiene. He feels deeply responsible to guard the other characters in the team. He does not have a definite best friend from the gang. He likes to be around the other members that value safety.

Gita Garlic and Oliver Onion. Gita Garlic and Oliver Onion are Super Sweet. They are best friend. They always go together. They are sophisticated. They are full of elegance. They show affection for other by holding hands and hugging. They love to collect something that is shaped like heart.

All of these super-hero characters teach children about healthy eating. If you want to get more information, you can visit its website This site is filled with much information on how to make you children eating healthy. There are also games for them. There are videos, recipes, dvd, and books that you can buy. The characters are cute and fun to watch so you children will love the books and videos. They will love the characters and know their abilities. You can also find a part with great information on nutrition and health.

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