The Military Diet Review – Lose 5 Kgs in 7 Days

The Military Diet is a 3 day diet plan which can be used to cleanse your body as well as weight loss in just 4 days. This program claims that you can lose up to 5kgs within 7 days. You have to eat less than 1000 calories for first 3 days and less than 1500 for next week in order to make it work.

The Military Diet is a lot different from the usual diet plans you actually see. As most of the diet program would tell you not to eat meat or take away arbitrary food from your lives. This program allows you to eat a scoop of ice-cream as well as hot dogs.

This diet can be accessed for free online, which makes it one of the diets you should try out. This plan can be used for sudden weight loss to fix yourself into your favorite cocktail dress or want to fit yourself for a vacation on the beaches of Hawaii. The Military Diet has nothing to do with “military”, the only reason behind using the word is to make people feel how tough it is.

You don’t have to buy any eBook or pay anything to get access to this guide. You don’t even have to read any kindle eBook. You don’t have to spend time finding specific ingredients for your meals. You don’t even have to go anywhere before starting this program.

This program is for people who are willing to control their calories just for 72 hours to get results out of it. You just have to be motivated enough to keep yourself stick to the plan for 3 days to get the results you will be proud of. It would also be great for people who always stay busy with their lives as they don’t have to take out extra time to shop special things in order to start this plan. Also people who find it hard to take out cash from their income to be used on their diet plans this program can be the best one to follow. People who likes to have a free hand would also love this because you don’t have to stick to just one food because it does give you choices to decide from.

You just have to follow the diet plan below by keeping one thing is mind is to drink as much water as you can. Drinking water is one of the main aspect of this diet and in order to make it work you have to increase the daily intake of water into your lives.

Day 1
1 toasted slice of whole wheat bread with peanut butter on it. A cup of coffee or tea, it should contain caffeine and you cannot put any sweetener in it other than stevia and half Grapefruit.
Day 2
An egg and toast with half banana.
Day 3
5 crackers, a slice of cheese and an apple.

Day 1
A slice of toasted bread with half cup of tuna and some tea/coffee with no suger.
Day 2
An egg, a cup of cottage cheese and 5 crackers.
Day 3
Slice and a hard-boiled egg.

Day 1
4 ounces of meat of your choice with green beans. Half banana and apple and a scoop of ice cream.
Day 2
2 sausages, half cup of baby carrots and half cup of ice cream.
Day 3
half banana, a scoop of ice cream and a cup of tuna.

From Day 4 to Day 7

Above you have found what you are going to eat for first 3 days for the next 4 days what you are going to eat? As according to this guide you can lose up to 5 kgs in 7 days. According to the official website of this program you can eat according to your choice but all you have to do is to make sure that you are not consuming more than 1500 calories a day.


This is a very unique diet program as it would let you eat hot dogs and ice cream in order to lose weight, so why would it work?

The first thing that makes sense about this program is that you are only going to consume small about of calories per day. A woman usually burn up to 1800 calories without doing any sort of exercise. It would also work because you are doing sort of fasting because of taking low about of calories and that would decrease the level of IGF-1 this would increase your metabolism and help you lose weight. Every ingredient you are going to consume in this program would help you burn fat. Also foods like eggs, butter and tuna is going to burn your fat while digestion.

This is a different sort of diet plan and it would probably help you lose weight in a week without paying for anything. You can visit their official website for more information.

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